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The Lunchbowl Network educates over 500 children across two schools every year.
We provide a specialist class for Hearing Impaired children and also a class for children with physical and cognitive challenges.

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The vision of the International Angel Kindergartens is to uplift young children out of hopeless poverty,  to feed the bodies and minds of the youngest and most vulnerable children and to give them hope and a brighter future.

Early years education for 2 to 6 year olds has been provided at two International Angel Kindergartens. Both kindergartens provide daily sanctuary, education and food for 200 of the most vulnerable children from Kibera.

The kindergartens are clean, bright learning spaces which provide a stimulating learning experience with well qualified, sensitive and experienced Kenyan teachers. We want every child in our Kindergartens to develop emotionally, physically, spiritually and academically.


Our hope is that the disadvantaged background of all our children is compensated by an excellent education.

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Roselyn was born to a teenage mother and now lives with her grandmother and mother.


She joined our first kindergarten cohort in 2014 and was one of the first children to be sponsored at the age of four years. Now 13 years old, she has benefited from continuous quality education provided by The Lunchbowl Network.


Despite childhood illness, she is now a straight A student and will likely be admitted to a top national school with a high probability of a university place. This will change her life.


Bryton lives in Kibera with his mother, father and one sibling. He was diagnosed as profoundly deaf when he was 5 years old after previously being misdiagnosed by a doctor as having an allergy.

Up until March 2019, he had no school provision as nowhere could meet his special educational needs. This meant he had no way of communicating with anyone.

He now attends the Unit for the Hearing Impaired and has learnt Kenyan Sign Language with his teachers. This enables him to communicate with his family and new friends. Thanks to donations, we were able to provide him with a hearing aid which is helping him to interact with other children in the school.

Bryton also has a sponsor which allows us to plan for his long term wellbeing at school,  providing extra support to him in class and sign language classes for his family!

Visit our child sponsorship page to find out more


We work with local and international partners to enrich the education of the children at our schools.

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