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Other ways to donate...


The Lunchbowl Network relies entirely on voluntary donations to fund its work. 
In addition to individual supporters, we also welcome corporate support and there are lots of opportunities for your company or organisation to get involved. 
A few ideas are listed below:


Many companies, large and small, choose a charity that they would like to support for a year. This may be done by a staff vote, a charity committee or it might be left to senior management.  The Lunchbowl Network would love to be your Charity of the Year!


Would your company like to support The Lunchbowl Network through a commercial partnership? It’s a win-win situation. We would welcome your ideas.
If your company would like to discuss possible opportunities, contact us.


Would you consider making a corporate grant to The Lunchbowl Network?
£3,000 would fund “messy play” equipment for both kindergartens and the p
rimary school for a whole year.
£10,000 would fund the Saturday Kibera Dinner Programme for a whole year (over 400 vulnerable and disadvantaged children).
£12,000 would fund a class of 30 children for a whole year at The Good Samaritan Primary School.
£17,000 would fund the Extreme Need Fund for a year


Some companies run a “Matched Giving Scheme” which means that they will make a donation to The Lunchbowl Network equal to the amount of money that you have raised. As well as asking your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you, ask your company too, to see if they’re prepared to match your fundraising efforts! If they aren’t able to match your donation, they might at least make a contribution.

give as you live.jpg

You can raise money for The Lunchbowl Network when you shop online through Give as you Live.

Simply create an account, set The Lunchbowl Network as your chosen charity and then shop at your favourite retailers through the Give as you Live app or website. When you make a purchase, they give Give as you Live a reward as a "thank you". This reward is then donated to your chosen charity.

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