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As we work alongside our local community team, we are encountering increasing numbers of families in need of emergency provision.

This includes families whose homes have been washed away by heavy rains, families with no income for basic food or rents and children in abusive situations who require 
a safe haven and counselling.

This year, The Lunchbowl Network provided daily prenatal care and safe housing for a young pregnant teenage girl. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl called Favour in July 2022. Mum and baby are both flourishing and Mum has returned to school to finish her education. 

On the 6th February 2023, a fire swept through a village in Kibera leaving 350 people homeless. In response, The Lunchbowl Network set up a 'night kitchen', feeding the people that had lost their homes for 5 nights as well as offering them temporary shelter. We also provided the families with a new mattress and blanket and collected donations of clothing and household utensils from a local international school which was handed out to the families.


Families through the coronavirus pandemic


Vulnerable young women through their pregnancies


Families in need of emergency rent cover every year


Children going through trauma or abuse by providing counselling and support


In June 2020, one of our students, Joy, fell into a pan of hot oil at her home in Kibera.

She was immediately taken to a local hospital and operated on. After the initial operation, Joy seemed to be going downhill but thanks to our amazing community in Kenya, we were put in touch with a specialist trauma doctor and she was moved to a specialist burns unit.

After undergoing another surgery, Joy's condition improved massively and the doctors were astounded by her healing.

The Lunchbowl Network's extreme need fund covered the cost of all Joy's post operative medical expenses. Her amazing sponsor covered the costs of a clean, safe flat in which Joy could recover.

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