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450 vulnerable children are fed every Saturday for 50 weeks of the year.

The Saturday Kibera Dinner Programme continues to be a nutritional highlight for hundreds of very needy children. Their parents and carers struggle to give their children adequate food during the week and so the Saturday Kibera Dinner Programme fills an essential need to tackle hunger and malnutrition.

The weekly provision caters for under ten year olds and is administered every Saturday by

The Lunchbowl Network team.
A nutritious meal is provided of rice, chapati, greens or cabbage, beans or lentils, banana and a carton of milk.

Some children walk an hour and a half every Saturday to the Kibera Dinner Programme and many start queuing 3 hours before the doors are opened to guarantee their spot in the hall. 

Before the children have their dinner, they enjoy singing and listening to Bible stories from one of our dedicated teachers. 

By donating just £25, you will provide 50 hot, nutritious dinners to children in need. 

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